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Monday, July 30, 2007

My brother is hitched!

Well, it's little brother is married! This past Saturday Seth married Laura Black, whom he has been dating since last June. Both Seth and I have known Laura for many years, as an acquaintance through Bible quizzing that we were involved with during middle school and high school. Since I was in Vienna throughout their dating relationship and engagement, I was very thankful to know her at least a little bit, instead of having my brother engaged to someone I had never met! It's been such a blessing to be home for the past month, and to have the opportunity to be involved in some of the wedding plans and get to know Laura a little better. I can now officially say that I have a sister now - a nice addition to my two brothers! They are currently on their honeymoon in Montreal, but they are returning before I leave for Vienna, thankfully. I look forward to watching them grow together, in their relationship with each other and in their relationship with their Father in Heaven. I know that God will do great things through them.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Primary class...Second grade...

My class over this past year has been such a blessing! These young children have taught me so much about love, service and self-sacrifice, of exploration and investigation, of joy and hope and peace, of child-like faith in our Father God. They have been an absolute joy to teach, and they have reminded me of why I love to teach Kindergarten (AKA Primary Class) so much. They are so full of life and curiosity, of excitement about their world, of trust in God and in others. I am going to miss teaching this class, as well as teaching a new kindergarten class next year.
Due to lack of teaching staff for this coming school year, VCS is closing the Kindergarten program temporarily (only for the year) and I will be teaching second grade. It's a big jump for me, full of challenges and the unknown, two things that I have learned to expect in life - they are fool-proof ways for God to get our attention and make us realize that we actually do need Him! I'm trusting Him to give me the strength to do this new job well, and love those second-graders as Jesus loves them.


So Long, Farewell....Auf Wiedersehen!

After a wonderful year at Vienna Christian School, it's time to say goodbye to those of us who are moving on the new things that God is calling them toward. We are saying goodbye to many of our friends and staff members this year; more than a third of us are not coming back to VCS in the fall. However, God is the God of all, and we are united in Him even when we are not together physically. I know He will take care of all of us, and will continue to use us all in mighty ways to further His Kingdom. I am so thankful to have worked with such godly people these past two years, and I look forward to meeting the new folks that God brings over to fill their shoes.

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Once Upon A Time....

The last week of school, the VCS Elementary school had its second annual Fairy Tale Ball. The students and staff dressed up as their favorite fairy tale characters and participated in various fairy tale projects, listened to fairy tales read as well as performed, and danced during the "ball" at the end of the day. It was a wonderful time to spend pouring into the kids, and just spending time with them. We all had a blast. I dressed up as Snow White, and my co-teacher Kerry was my wicked stepmother, the Queen (see below). Now that was a fun time, let me tell you!


London baby!

The sights, the sounds, the throngs of people everywhere...the history and culture - it's London!
One of my best friends, Jamie, has spent the past few weeks as a missionary in Canberra, Australia. We had not seen each other for a year and a half, so she planned a two-day layover in London so I could fly there and spend time with her. We had a blast bumming around London together, but even more fun just being together. It was a really special time, full of fun and laughs and memories.