The Carpenter's Girl

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A New Year!

So the new school year has begun! We are in our second week of school and it has been wonderful so far! Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for the beginning of school - He has been so good to us all these past few days. So far I have nine in my class. Here are a few of my new students: Jason an MK, is painting; Abbi the Director of VCS's daughter, on the playground; Eunice from the Philippines flashing her cute smile; and So Hye from South Korea doing her favorite thing - drawing. They are all adjusting well to school and have made lots of friends already.
The other day I asked them what they know about God. They were SO excited to share what they know about God that we spend our entire Bible time taking turns! They love Jesus so much, and I can't wait to see how God uses me to grow that love this year. They said things like: "Jesus likes it when we pray", and "Jesus helps us when we are sad", and "God is always with me". Out of the mouths of children has God ordained praise! Simple yet powerful truths that these 5-year-olds already know in their hearts. It was a good reminder for me as well. I can see that this class has much to teach me, even as I teach them.
This week has been Spiritual Emphasis Week for the Middle School and High School. It has been a powerful time of renewing and challenging our students to seek Christ and make their faith their own. Many have been challenged and are wrestling with the truths of the gospel, deciding whether it's something they can believe. Please pray for them, that God will soften their hearts and call them to Himself.

Prayer requests:
*Spiritual Emphasis Week
*My class's continued adjustment to school life
*God's love to flow through me to impact the students and grow their love for Him
*Protection from the evil one - I have been feeling tired and discouraged and I think it's spiritual warfare. Others on staff have had the same feeling.
*The new staff - adjustment to Vienna, VCS, and building relationships with returning staff and students
*Unity among the staff of VCS this year
*My friend Jamie Stowell - she is in the process of raising support to serve God in Australia, hopefully leaving next summer for the mission field

I covet your prayers as this school year begins - I pray that His name will be lifted high this year, and that He will use us to grow disciples who will proclaim His grace and truth to the world.