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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Journey into Outer Space...where (almost) no man has gone before

Our class spent a couple of months studying one of the most amazing parts of God's creation - space. Of course there's only so much scientific theory you can delve into when you're working with 7 year-olds....but it was a blast for all of us anyway. I tell you, it's really true that one of the coolest things to witness is the moment when the light bulb goes off in someone's mind (especially a child's). I got to see that over and over again with this unit on space. Kids are so transparent - they were so excited and awed to investigate the size of just our galaxy. It blew their minds. :)
Our class wrapped up the unit by visiting the Vienna City Planetarium and watching an amazing program about the sun, moon, planets, and Milky Way. Of course, the whole presentation was in German, which posed a challenge for some of us! I tried (stress "tried") to translate some of the info for my ESL kids...I think they go some of it, maybe. :) But everyone was mesmerized by the entire domed ceiling covered in stars and planets - one of the coolest inventions of modern technology, in my opinion.

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