The Carpenter's Girl

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Second grade!

So, it's a new year at Vienna Christian School, bringing with it a whole new world for me - the world of second grade! It must admit, I was less than enthusiastic about the change in grades that I found myself in at the beginning of this school year, but God has been good. Though I've discovered that I have a slow learning curve, God has given me a love for my class. I have been able to do so much with these seven-year-olds that could never do with kindergartners, and it's been an exciting adventure so far. I look forward to finding out what more God has planned for this class in the coming year. One super-cool aspect of my class is the fact that I've taught half of them already, when they were in my kindergarten class two years ago! It's been particularly special to see how they have grown in the past couple years, and to develop my relationship with them even more.