The Carpenter's Girl

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Whole New Class!

I sometimes feel like my blog is in the same category as my journal - I love it, always enjoy writing in/on it, etc. But I never seem to keep up with it enough! I hope somebody out there will read this entry - hopefully you haven't all given up on finding something new on here!
So it's a new school year, which brings along a new class. I've already taught most of them when they were in Kindergarten, so it's round two! I tell you what though, as challenging, active, and emotional as these kids are, they are my favorite class ever! They do keep me on my toes though - there's literally never a dull moment in Miss O'Day's 2nd grade class!
These kids love each other, they love Jesus, and they try to do their best. What more can you ask for?