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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Days in Wien....

Leaving Vienna has got to be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. When I think about everything I'm leaving behind: my school with its incredible ministry, my students, the deep friendships I've developed with staff; my Austrian church, where I was finally starting to understand the sermons!; the German language, which despite myself I have come to love; this amazing city that has become home to me, along with my apartment that is awesome in so many ways.
So many times, I've felt that I don't have the strength to say goodbye. But I know that God is greater than my emotions, and that He is leading me in His perfect will. He will provide the strength I need for this time, and will enable to me to enjoy
my last days here and say goodbye well.

Friends hanging out at Ursula's house on the Donau (Danube river)

My home: apartment building entrance, the Hof, and our front door

At Schloss Schönbrunn (with Judie) and the Riesenrad in Prater Park with Amanda and Carrie

Volksgarten with the Burgtheaterbehind it, and on the Graben

In my other favorite park, Stadpark: Mozart's statue and garden

In Eisenstadt with my roomie Rachel :)

Playing cards with freinds at Ursula's house; a one-way street sign

Some of my precious 2nd grade students - I will miss them so much!

God willing, I will be visiting this place that is now part of my heart many times in the years to come!

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